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We have all been there; the presenter is droning on about the world’s most boring topic and all you can think about is how uninspiring the slides are.

We have also all been the boring ones, providing that same presentation. With the many group projects and presentations in my communication classes, I have officially grown out of PowerPoint.

Below is an example of a Prezi that I created for a social media project.

Prezi Example

Check out these six reasons why Prezi has me excited.

  • User Friendliness. Prezi provides tutorials when you first sign up but they are almost unnecessary. By clicking around, things are self explanatory. Just play as you go. 
  • Eye Catching. The way each slide zooms from one to the next is automatically going to make your presentation stand out next to the sad transitions that PowerPoint provides.
  • Public and easy to share. No need to worry about file type and formatting with Prezi. It functions online similar to a Google Doc. If a group of people is collaborating efforts, everyone can edit at the same time.
  • Basic Design. No need to sift through a million different options for background colors and themes; Prezi has a handful of different options that vary based on what type of presentation you are creating. You won’t have to waste your time selecting fonts either, Prezi has it all set.
  • Affordances. Prezi lets you crop photos, embed videos, adjust page layout among so much more. And all of this with a few quick clicks; it’s all built in to the site.
  • It is impressive looking. Because it is on the newer side, many people are still enamored by how bright and shiny Prezi makes things look. Prezi helps to make you stand out.

Sometimes it is more appropriate to use PowerPoint when it comes to straight facts or more formal presentations. But Prezi has definitely done a lot to help people impress audiences by getting messages across in a more dynamic way.

Do you like Prezi or PowerPoint better? Let me know in the comments below.


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