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High school was the time of my life and I had quite a hard time leaving. My high school graduation, as shown below, marked a moment of transition. I’ve never been terribly fond of those. But college turned out to actually be the time of my life. With yet another transition, leaving is challenging but I am excited for what lies ahead.


While I’m happy with my college experience, I’d like to make sure that when I look back on my after college life that I am equally pleased. Here is a list of the things people keep telling me and I keep telling myself:

  1. It is okay to not have a job set up for after college. It would of course be ideal to have a job waiting for me after I flip my tassel to the other side of that ridiculous hat. However this is not the case and I am not alone. A little more time to explore what I like, what I don’t and find a place where I can learn.
  2. It is okay to live at home for a bit. I am working on priorities and for me, job is numero uno. Living will come based on the job location. I am so lucky to be able to go back home and live close enough to where I want to work. Plus my mom makes a really good roommate.
  3. Just smile in the photos at graduation so the family can be proud. The day is going to be long; I am going to try my very hardest to not be cranky. In my family, life is all about celebrating everything. I am grateful that I have so many people in my life that are coming this weekend to support me. Operation grin and bear it is a go.
  4. The end of undergrad is not the end of youth, menopause is. Most say college is the best time of your life but I think it’s quite possible to keep the momentum going. I do not have anything tying me down. I have a lot of possibilities. I can still go travel the world. I’ve got youth on my side.
  5. Your friends will not stay the same, but that is okay. The good news is, I have done the graduation thing before. As much as I wanted it to happen at the time, I am not best friends forever (and ever and ever) with all the people I graduated with from high school. I have met some of my favorite people in college and I will stay close to as many as possible.

I will certainly keep this post in my back pocket for reference. I will have many moments of freak outs but as I’ve said from the beginning, it’s not a matter of if I get a job but when. What are some of the ways that you keep calm under the craze of the job search? Share your tips with me in the comments below.



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I officially have one day of classes left and then they are making me put on a funny hat and walk across a stage to shake someone’s hand. Nope; they do not even say my name.

However, one ceremony is hardly what I have to show for four years at The Ohio State University. It went quickly but I managed to jam pack quite a bit.


And thus, a list of how to do the college thing well.

  1. Leave your dorm room door open and live in a hall with communal bathrooms. When people pass by, you just might strike up a conversation you wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.
  2. Wherever you go, introduce yourself. You never know who you are going to meet.
  3. Take classes with friends. You’ll end up holding each other accountable and you can study together.
  4. Professors trump schedules. If you are between two classes and one is at 8 a.m. but the professor is supposed to be amazing, go for the good professor. They could end up changing your life.
  5. Get an internship. Any type of working world experience will help you to land another internship which will help you land an actual job.
  6. Figuring out what you don’t want to do in the future is just as productive as figuring out what you do want to do. It’s okay to be picky and it’s okay to not know. Everyone figures it out eventually.
  7. Work hard but play hard too. Let yourself have fun.
  8. Go abroad if you can. Spain was the inspiration for this blog and taught me how to be terrified in a productive way.
  9. It is okay to cry. Call your parents, friends, anyone who will pick up their phone and let yourself be sad or anxious or worried. Those moments build character and help you make life choices.
  10. Celebrate everything. A on a test. Finished with exams. Friends’ successes. Appreciate the fun stuff.
  11. Create a professional network. Collect business cards, meet for informational interviews, volunteer, do it all. You might end up working for one of those people later on.
  12. Get involved in anything that peaks your interest. Go to that campus involvement fair and put your name on every list.
  13. Capitalize on what you’re passionate about. Put your whole heart into something you love.
  14. Write down your memories and take photos. Put dates on everything. You’ll want to know later down the road what year that outfit was fashionable.
  15. Take the pressure off. People say that college is the best four years of your life. That’s a lot to live up to. Do more of what makes you happy but don’t feel like you’re doing something wrong if you have some stressful times.
  16. Find real friends. Find the people that will let you cry on their bed for hours. They are the keepers.

And as the nostalgia continues to hit home, I plan on living up these last couple weeks at Ohio State. And then it is off to the real world- or something to that effect.

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