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Reading a newspaper is fairly old hat. Sadly enough, most print media seems to be. I was in mourning when I found out that Newsweek mailed out its last ever print edition in December 2012.

But the immediacy of online news keeps the world up to date on anything and everything. I get my news mostly from Twitter  by following the best of the best. New York Times, Huffington Post, and CNN Breaking News just to name a few.

Political issues come up all the time. As a(n almost) college graduate looking for an entry level job (hire me!), I have been all over the internet. Over the past four days, everywhere I turn, I’ve seen the following image.

Equal Rights

Knowing the symbol, traditionally in yellow and blue, I was aware that it had to do with human rights but I didn’t know what was going on currently that prompted the wave of red across my social networks.

I immediately scrolled through my friends, looked over posts and comments and within moments I was updated. To quote Montell Jordan: This is how we do it.

While we may not understand the power or even concept of a true newspaper that can be held, millennials have a different (not worse just different) understanding of how to stay up to date.

We are an inquisitive bunch. And we don’t like when people tell us what to do. We like to think we are the original gangstas- that we found it all on our own. Hence, the internet. We scroll and click and use our attention deficit mannerisms for good not evil.

From a media consumer perspective, I appreciate that I’ve got the power to pull in what information I want. From a professional perspective, how does anyone get people to see their content?

It is a tangled web to weave. The key is to make people curious so that those consumers feel they have no choice but to pull on your content. Shoving material in peoples’ faces is just as old hat as newspapers.

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it is what has created awareness about Proposition 8 lately, and so many other current events in the past.

What have you found on the internet that has made you curious? Who does a good job of pulling you in to click around? Let me know in the comments below.


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As a strategic communications student in her ultimate semester, it’s only fitting that I’m taking all communications classes. Did I mention they are all in English? It’s a wonderful thing.

Spending every day of the week working on public relations tactics and message strategies gives me a little bit of a taste of what I hope to be doing as I jump into the working world. Granted it’s a tad different when you work for a boss and a paycheck as opposed to a professor for a grade. I’m pretty sure the only place you can cash in grades is at Chuck-E-Cheese. It didn’t work at Nordstrom.

One aspect of my Strategic Message Designs Class is to blog regularly. Luckily I already have things set up here and could practice last semester. Unfortunately, the content will be slightly less worldly. The emphasis is on public relations and the world of media and communications. The goal: don’t let the blog get boring. Challenge accepted!

I’m hoping to have some new and exciting updates about life as a comm student on a quest for work. This job search may not be in a foreign place, but trust me when I say it shall be an adventure.

This so-called “jump” into the working world will likely be just as far out of my comfort zone as Spain. It’s kind of like the step off of a plane with the hesitation that my parachute might not open.  Let’s hope it doesn’t end in a splat on concrete.

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