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Applying for jobs gets really old really quickly. Unless of course you are in the public relations, media, marketing or advertising industry. In that case, job apps turn in to play time.

One of my most recent applications was hating on cover letters. That was when the initial moment of “I love this place!” set in.

Hiring agents get bored of reading them. Prospective employees get tired of writing them. Thus, a solution for us all: the creative cover letter.
Creative Cover Letter Image


My approach was simple. Show the company who I am and what I am about. Don’t waste words. Don’t waste space. Make it pretty.

The photos I included are all originals taken while I was abroad in Europe.

It was so refreshing to think outside of the very strict, three paragraphs, “Dear You, Sincerely Me,” look at all the reasons I’m great, perfect for this job, kind of box that the world has created.

I love any opportunity to step outside that box of conformity. I tend to tap dance on top of it anyway.

What job applications have allowed you to show your creativity? Let me know in the comments below.


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It is official. I am old. The identifying factor? My favorite social media site is LinkedIn and their blog never fails to deliver- they recently posted a video doing the Harlem Shake. A seriously cool company, if you ask me.

The fact that I am a graduating senior in the job market makes any invitation or notification exciting. It is like finding out your 8 a.m. class was cancelled or getting that pesky popcorn kernel out of your teeth; a little thing that brings big relief.

As I have been searching for potential jobs and networking with anyone and everyone, LinkedIn has helped a ton with respect to staying in touch with people in a professional way without being a total creep.

LinkedIn helps me network.

Every time I meet someone new, I connect. I am connected to friends, their parents, professors, and anyone else I have met in a professional contest. I always look forward to snagging business cards at job fairs; it just means more LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn is an easy way to keep an online resume.

I have a running list of all my work experience in one place. It does not all fit on a one page resume but it is good to keep track of everything. It logs my experience as far back as my camp counselor days. I can also show any special skills or additional information that I want my professional connections to know.

LinkedIn knows me.

The items that come up on my home feed suggest potential connections, ads I may be interested in, groups I may like, jobs in my industry of interest, recent posts from my connections and, my personal favorite, my numbers.


The numbers help gauge if your profile is being used. More activity, interactions and posting all yield higher numbers.

It may not be as fun as Facebook or as trendy as Twitter; it is certainly not nearly as visual as Pinterest or Instagram. In terms of utility, this is the social networking site that will do more for me with respect to my future. (It will also do more than help me procrastinate- I truly believe this is why Pinterest exists).

Connect with me! I am always looking to network. And if we’re being honest- I’m only five away from hitting the 300 mark. What is your favorite aspect of LinkedIn? Any tips or suggestions?

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